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circleCuring agent
circleDegassing agent (Benzoin)
circleLevelling agent
circleTexture agent
circleMatting agent
circleRheology modifier
circleThickening agent
circleAnti corrosive agent
circleAdhesion promoter
pigments :
circleIron oxide
circleCarbon Black
circleRutile TiO2
circleAnatase TiO2
circleEffect pigments
Hardeners :
resins :
circleEpoxy resins
circleAcrylic resins
circleAlkyd resins
circleSaturated polyester resins
circleUnsaturated polyester resins
others :
circleAluminium paste
circleZinc stearate
circleBarium sulfate
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in Servicing

In chemical trade, logistics is a key aspect in achieving hassle-free and cost-effective service.

We take on the responsibility of logistics and shipping to ensure that cargo is always delivered on time while keeping in mind customers requirement involving their production planning to assure that we provide an all-around service.
Furthermore, our logistics team and partners will endeavour to keep the cost of freight as low as possible, guaranteeing that our customers would receive the best possible pricing.
As an additional service for specific customer that require packings that are different from what manuafacturer is able to offer, we partner with facility providing companies for very efficient and professional repacking services. Our services include all types of materials including solids and liquids for hazardous and non-hazardous products. Due to a market gap, by including repacking service in our lineup of offerings, we have been able to attract more clients.

UCC Trading

UCC Trading
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